Multisenosry integration to enhance user interfaces with mid-air haptic devices

(submitting to ACM UIST 2016)

Kyoungwon Seo, William Frier, Hokyoung Ryu, Jae-Kwan Kim, Sriram Subramanian


Abstract:Various mid-air haptic devices have been developed for future user interface technologies, but their interaction quality (in particular, the haptic feedback) is heavily dependent on the device resolution. In other words, low-resolution provide poor haptic feedback performance. We proposed the ‘multi-sensory integration’ concept to enhance the haptic sensation in the low-resolution mid-air haptic device with auditory stimulus. Results showed that multi-sensory integration is an effective interaction design technique for the low-resolution mid-air haptic device.

This study was another multisensory integration experiement. I am applying this conception for a medical treatment.
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