Goldilocks conditions for workplace gamification: How narrative persuasion helps manufacuring workers create self-directed behaviors

Human-Computer Interaction

Kyoungwon Seo, Sideney Fels, Changho Jung & Hokyoung Ryu


Descriptions: Gamification uses game design elements to create gameful real-work experiences that would promise to make boring and repetitive jobs being rejuvenatingly engaged. Exisiting gamification approach, however, was to provide hedonic gaming experiences or to enforce the worker's productive behaviors, which has not been great success. In this study, narrative gamification approach was employed for real manufacturing workers from Hyundai Motors Company, and their productivity, emotional reactions, and behavioral items were compared. We found three Goldilocks conditions for the workplace gamification, and the narrative persuasion seemed to establish the worker's self-directed moral goals, by which the interaction cycle 'action-feedback-motivate-reengage' was positively reinforced.

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